Hi! Welcome to my blog!

Yipeee, as you will know this is my first post ever, like ever.

First question I would assume you’d ask is “WHY DID SHE END UP CREATING HER OWN BLOG?”, the heck I am wondering too. Hmm, maybe because I have so much words in my mind and all I do is save it just for the sake of bringing it out when someone suddenly approaches me about something. If you’re my friend you’ll definitely know how capable I am to answer all your burdens in a more rara way, which turns to be the specific point how my friends convinced me to influence lives with my self thoughts and experiences via blog. Maybe I helped them a lot, idk..

You’ll be knowing who I am and how am I as a person based on what my friends and other people say about me. Anyway, my real name is Ryzagin Yra Tortola Telen, I’d much prefer to use Yra for calling me if you really don’t know me but my close friends know how would they call me and that name would be RARA. I was born on August 19, 1998 at Lanao del Norte, Mindanao along with my twin sister hehe. And yah, bisaya jud me. I am not raised as a bisaya speaker ’cause we were raised here in MNL but we do grew up hearing conversations inside our house in bisaya language. Sometimes I got this accent where my listener would ask “bisaya ka noh?” hays, a very common question in my life. Currently studying Graphic Arts and Printing Technology (my 2nd course already, I took up Apparel and Fashion Tech first then shifted for some reasons) at Technological University of the Philippines. Hooray! I’ll make more posts  regarding to the stages and parts of my life where I believe I can help some of you to continue on the paths you are taking.

To be added on my posts here, I will share with you all my happiness and knowledge everytime. Whether it’s about clothes, cosmetics, fashion, life, love, work, faith, etc… I’ll try my best to entertain your concerns and I hope I could help you in any way I can. Special thanks sa lahat ng friends ko, lahat as in lahat! You’re one of the reasons why I’m writing my own blog now hehe. Will continue to post kahit walang magbabasa para mabawasan naman laman ng utak ko (kunwari meron), puro overthinking ginagawa huhu. I would appreciate it if you’ll tell me you’re reading my blog. Thank you for reading mwa!image

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